Dr. Mary


Medicine is a reflection of society. Health disease prevention starts with healing our community."

-Dr. Mary

Dr. Mary
Is On A Mission

As a 4th generation African American physician and cardiologist, her goal is to expand health equity in the community.

Her mission is to spread privileged knowledge, to prevent suffering. She aims to shed light on her unique path and many obstacles, to help guide others. Please enjoy her work. 

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Focusing On

Educational Medical Content

I recently had the honor of giving a TedX about how to hold onto your brand despite tremendous adversity.

Social Justice

Analyzing the deficit of African-Americans in academic medicine.

Equitable Health/Medical Training

Articles and resources on equitable health, medical training, and deficits in healthcare and academic medicine.

Who Is Dr. Mary Branch?

She is a fourth generation African American physician born in Cleveland, Ohio and raised in Youngstown. She left home at 14 to attend a prestigious New England prep school.

She set out on a mission to identify her unique gift and service. She continues on this adventure. You can be a part of her journey and help guide her as a subscriber.