Dr. Mary


Black Women, Hair Care & Exercise: Tips & Tricks

In This Video I had the pleasure of being featured as a guest on Black America’s Health, a YouTube channel where Black doctors and experts break down Black health topics for the everyday person, down to the basics. About This Episode Black women, hair care & exercise: Episode 15 We all know

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Quotes and songs to help you survive COVID-19

I’m a cardiology fellow on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many, I know suffering. In 2017, I lost my father to rapidly progressive dementia. I was postpartum at the time, and he did not even know I was ever pregnant. My stepfather — my father since I was

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There is a health care disparity in human genetics

The medicine model has changed since our predecessors practiced medicine in the days of Dr. William Osler. These days, medicine is a commercialized industry. The hospital makes this clear by prioritizing charting and patient satisfaction over patient care. Also, patients are accountable for making it feel this way. Some patients

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Analyzing the deficit of African-Americans in academic medicine

The number of African-American physicians in academic medicine is dismal, and this leads to an abundance of problems.  Academic hospitals (teaching hospitals associated with universities) generally do not have a proportionate representation of underrepresented minority faculty as compared to the surrounding population. According to a U.S. News & World Report

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