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Black Women, Hair Care & Exercise: Tips & Tricks

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I had the pleasure of being featured as a guest on Black America’s Healtha YouTube channel where Black doctors and experts break down Black health topics for the everyday person, down to the basics.

About This Episode

Black women, hair care & exercise: Episode 15

We all know exercise is healthy, but Black women have special challenges when it comes to working out and hair care.

  • Are you working out less because of not wanting to deal with your hair?
  • Do you struggle with too much sweating?
  • Do you want to learn the styles and tricks you can use to work around a healthy exercise routine?

Then click PLAY and watch 2 experts break it down for you.

Dr. Mary Branch is a cardiology fellow in North Carolina (raised in Ohio, educated in New England) with an interest in heart disease in cancer patients; specifically focused on health equity in the field. To prioritize her own health, she has spent time understanding how to manage her beautifully complex roots.

Nidiyah has been in the hair industry for about 10years. In that time she has worked with serval professional hair care brands in the area of education, product testing and brand development. Presently, Nidiyah is a stylist and salon Co-Owner of The Mane Loft in Cliffside Park NJ. 

Dr. Tyeese L. Gaines wears many hats. She is a branding & media coach for physicians with her agency Doctor Ty Media, LLC, after earning her master’s degree in journalism from Northeastern University and having a 19-year news career (mostly with NBC outlets). She is a board-certified emergency medicine physician, practicing for over a decade. Dr. Ty also completed a Master of Business Administration degree from University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 2017 and incorporates her marketing and entrepreneurship coursework with her coaching. She speaks at several regional and national meetings each year. Over the years, Dr. Ty has appeared as an on-air medical expert for local, online and national news shows and has written for various online, magazine and newspaper outlets.

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